Welcome to my blog!

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Hey guys,

For quite a long time i’ve been thinking about starting my own blog.  Probably like many of you, i wasn’t very confident that it might actually work and people would visit and read it. But, what the heck, i just did it! It should be fun to share my daily lifestyle and inspiration with you. It’s gonna be mostly fashion, traveling and lifestyle.

I hope you’d enjoy it and stick around! 🙂

So with this first post i’ll take you a while back this year when i had a little road trip around Finland. I’ve been living here for the last year or so and this country surprises me more and more every single day. I love the nature, the every day life and nonetheless the fashion sense of scandinavian people. They really know what they are doing!  🙂

I’m wearing:

RayBan – clubmasters; Scarf – Gina Tricot; Top – Zara; Fur coat – H&M; Skirt – H&M; Bag – DKNY; White Converse

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3 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  1. tarahsaint says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!!! 🙂


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